Ashutosh Jha

Life is short. People are busy. It’s not always about you.

I am a Creative & Social Entrepreneur based between Toronto, Canada and Delhi, India. Most of the projects in my portfolio involve either a creative-business or business-with-a-creative-person. They are driven by needs and frustrations of my own, and people I know. Thereby by they are social in nature and typically solve a problem or make life better. I spend most of  my time working and hanging out with the amazing people I know and often work with.

My current mission is to help the more than 1 billion smokers live a better life. This means a better life for them and their family & friends. This also means better use of public resources, care system and talents that often leave us sooner than their natural time. I am also motivated by the fact that it helps the environment that sustains us.

Over the years, I have stayed active in polity around me –  from being active in high school student leadership, to getting involved in university student government,  to now when I almost always volunteer my time during city/provincial/federal elections, and invest time in some trans-national policy shaping opportunities.  A lesson I have learned from my uncle and other people around me, to be involved in public affairs as much as you can.

I have been engaged with several amazing philanthropic projects over the last decade. I find it has helped me be a better person and provide me with great insights and lessons. I live a relatively healthy lifestyle and appreciate & enjoy positive humour. I am very much influenced by my uncle, Aditya Jha and count him as my main coach and guide. My mother continues to be the source of my inspiration, and I miss my dear father very much every day.

I work with several talented business partners and our assets and services span a variety of inter-disciplinary fields such as Food & Hospitality, Media & content Production, Publishing, Event Production and Health/Life Style. To raise money for our projects, we provide selected consulting services such as, Branding & Online Marketing, Market Access and Business Development  in Canada, India, Nepal, Thailand & Cuba.

Prior to taking entrepreneurship full time, I worked with Accenture for several years under some excellent partner level executives. I started my work on the business side of solutions/delivery center, and soon moved into sales (market maker deals with focus on financial sector) and then got into IT strategy before leaving to pursue entrepreneurship full time. I graduated from Trinity College, University of Toronto where I did Software Engineering Specialization and Philosophy.  I also completed a short executive business program at the Rotman School of Management. I briefly attended University of Guelph for Computing and Information Sciences before  moving to Trinity College at the University of Toronto.

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I am currently passionate about getting all smokers off cigarettes, with a view to facilitate a healthier life style through tobacco and smoke harm reduction. I have the privilege of working with an amazing team at 180 Smoke, a Canadian crowd sourced company.

I am not  blogger, and this site is not a blog. This site just helps me tell Google about my projects.

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  • Namaste Ashutosh sir, main ek middle class housewife huin. maine aditya sir k bare me bihar k ek newspaper me pada tha. tabhi mujhe aapke bare me bhi pata chala really aap sab milkar bahut accha kaam kr rahe hain. We proud of u sir.