I am posting this personal email in hopes that Greater Toronto and Ontario residents who have found vapor products to be of value will write to the City of Toronto clerk and to the councellors / board members. You may want to tell your favourite journalists about it via twitter, reddit, facebook and emails. I… Read More

rogers healthcare group canada

I love Vancouver, Canada  based HealthChoicesFirst.com (HCF).  I often watch videos there  to learn more about medical conditions from practising subject matter experts .  Don’t expect to find solution to your actual or apparent medical condition, but at least you will be more educated  and will know what you should do next. HealthChoicesFirst.com, basically a self serve… Read More

Greedy Giver Canada

Couple months ago I came across Greedy Giver. A Toronto based socially conscious company that is doing something very interesting, and in some ways innovative. Its all about taking some good ideas and making something better out of it. And that’s what they are trying to do. We recently worked with them to have 180 Smoke products featured… Read More

I remember Electronic Cigarette from late 2009, which is the first I saw them popping up on online stores. Since then, million shave tried it and a lot of them have found it helpful in achieving their goals to avoid tobacco. Since then, Health Canada started fear mongering rather than trying to make good use… Read More

Watching the video of Cpl. Ron Francis give his uniform back at the RCMP office was quite sad and heartening. No man should have to go through that and surely not like this in public. Reading the interview between Jen Gerson and  Cpl.  Francis was actually informative, which is, as he said, the main message he is trying to… Read More

Daniel Gagnon – Live Music Saturday – Queen West Toronto – 5th Element – Best Indian & Fusion Restau This Saturday we have Toronto artist Daniel Gagnon playing several live sets. Dan’s influences include Blue Rodeo and the Headstones. He primarily plays alt-country and rock covers and originals. Likes: 2Comments: 0 …read more  … Read More